Monday, June 4, 2012

Baking Challenge Week 22 - Pastry - Lemon Curd Rolls

They were supposed to be custard rolls, from one of my lovely British baking books, but my custard, while tasty, didn't thicken properly.  I'm not entirely sure why, and I'm trying to come up with another use for it.  I could use it as is just fine as a sauce, but then I'd need to make something for it to be a sauce for....would a flour-thickened custard make terrible ice cream, do you think?  Might be my best option.

Anyway, when it became obvious the custard wouldn't do, I got out the rest of the lemon curd from my cookie tarts a few weeks ago and filled the filo with that, instead.  It worked fine, tasted great, and (as filo is wont to do) went incredibly soggy overnight, so I'm glad I only made six.

No recipe this time, though, because it's a hodge-podge that probably isn't worth the trouble to recreate.

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