Monday, May 14, 2012

Baking Challenge Week 19 - Black and White - Spice Cookie Fail

This week is all about the fail, I guess!  My husband has been quite sick all week, and it's been hard to keep up with the extra work around the house, let alone try new things in the kitchen.

These were supposed to be Moravian Spice Squares, a nice almost-black cookie, which I would then glaze with a nice shiny white confectioner's-sugar icing.

But I've never made this recipe before, and it's odd.  I had to melt the butter together with the molasses and brown sugar, then stir in the spices and flour.  I've never made a cookie dough with melted butter before.  Into the fridge it went to firm up (as instructed) but when I took it out to roll it, it was hard as rock.  Okay, the recipe doesn't say to let it warm up to room temperature, but I went for a run, then had a shower, and came back to the cookie dough, hoping it would be more cooperative.

What you see above is what happened.   Rolling proved impossible--it had solidified beyond any further manipulation, and just broke apart instead.  It reminded me of the worst pie crust I've ever made.  I shudder to think of the effort it would have taken to actually roll it out to a useable thickness--and what a horrible texture the resulting cookies would have.

I will be wary in the future of any recipes calling for melted butter instead of softened.

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