Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cooking Challenge Week 18 - Salad - Fruit Salad Failure

It's not like I've never made fruit salad before.  Seriously!

But this one was bleh.  It was both my fault and not my fault at the same time.

First, I picked a bad combination of fruits.  Fruit doesn't generally come home from the store with me unless it's on sale, or at least cheap because it's in season.  This week it was blackberries and pears, both of which I like just fine, plus some of the watermelon I still have from last week.  I hoped it would work--it didn't.

Second, my standard fruit salad dressing is a mix of yogurt, honey, and lemon juice, which (up until this point) has always gone well with the fruits I've chosen.  Fine with the blackberries, so-so with the pear, bleh on the watermelon.

The not-my-fault part was that the pear was also kind of tasteless.  Which is strange, because it's definitely ripe.  It's just....bland.

Forunately, I didn't make much, so I can use the remaining fruit for more worthwhile purposes.  There could be blackberry frozen yogurt in my near future....

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